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01 June 2008 @ 11:17 pm
Mission 12
Create 2 New Banners promoting RM's NEW myspace!!
Here is the size I need!

468px X 75px >>>IS A MUST!

Just like the other banners you created! Send them over to me to post them on the site!


Mission 13
Have at least 20 banner placements of the new RM Myspace banner all over the web!
Upload the 20 pictures to your myspace album and label it "Mission 13".

Then send me the link over so we can check it out!


Mission 14
Have at least 20 myspace friends place RM's profile on their top friends!
Create a Myspace album, label the album "Mission 14", upload all screen shots that your friends sent you to that album!

Then send me the links over so we can check them out!


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Off the MySpace blog entry from Shan:

Hey all! Hope everything is going superb wherever in Malaysia you may be!

So we're finally going to get down to completing Mission 8 which is to promote Role Model at a local rock show. I don't think there's a better gig to do this than at the Click 5's gig on the 7th of June at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands.

I currently have a group of 5 that'll help with handing out any promo materials we have but if anyone is going to the show and wouldn't mind meeting us and helping out, we'd be glad to have a few extra hands! We're gonna hve so much fun at the peak! *Sorry I just had to put that in :P*

So yeah. Leave me a message or comment if you're going for the show! It's gonna be amazing I hope everyone has fun! Only one more week to go! :D


As usual, please get in touch with Shan if you will be at this show so we're able to execute this mission more effectively!
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01 June 2008 @ 11:09 pm
Head out to 5 of your favorite stores that you think RM should be sold at and ask them if they carry it. Chances are they might not have it that's where you come in. Here are the steps to complete this mission.

1.) Print Catalog Flyer.


2.) Get a group of friends to go with you so they see it's a bunch of you interested in the clothing line.

3.) You and the group goes in and ask if they carry Role Model Clothing.

4.) Store says they don't carry it, that's when you hand them a Catalog Flyer and ask them to email that company and see if they can bring RM to their stores.

5.) Take picture of store front (Store Entrance) and upload it to Myspace in a new album called Mission 11.

6.) Submit by email Store info. (EX. Address, Phone Number, Email, Website & other info you feel it's important)

7.) A pat on the back for completing the mission! ;P

*Minimum 5 stores. You can always do more. You can do any kind of clothing store as long as it looks like RM fits there.


If you're interested in joining the group/this mission, please contact us. Details in the profile, get in touch with the Malaysian RMST leader, Shan for more info and further details.

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24 March 2008 @ 04:28 pm
Six new missions have been assigned to the team recently and we will need all your help in this.

1. Create 2 Role Model Clothing banners [Mission #5]
We currently have teamers working on these, but the more the merrier! If you're artsy and generally have a flair for graphics and enjoy making banners, then your contribution is highly valued.

Hit up the street team on MySpace (www.myspace.com/rmstreetteammalaysia) or e-mail your banners to rmstmalaysia@gmail.com with your name and [MySpace] link (if any) so we can credit you.

DEADLINE : March 21st

2. Post the banners! [Mission #6]
Once Mission #5 is complete, we will then release a link with the banners to you and you are required to post them everywhere except MySpace. Try message boards you are a member in (but be careful to adhere the rules & regulations & not spam), or even networking sites such as Trig, Buzznet, RecCenter, Friendster, Facebook, etc.

Take a screenshot for every banner posted and send them to the Street Team on MySpace or via e-mail at rmstmalaysia@gmail.com.

DEADLINE : April 4th

3. Sporting RM gear [Mission #10]
Street teamers are required to submit a photo of themselves wearing RM merch to Sandy, via the Malaysian leader, Shan. We are aware that not every teamer may be in possession of RM apparel, but be creative with this! Alternatives may include SP clothing, or even holding handmade signs of your request in bringing RM to Malaysia, amongst other things. Grab a few friends and brainstorm some ideas!

DEADLINE : April 15th

4. Offline promo - handing out flyers [Missions #7, 8 & 9]
Sandy will be mailing off some promo materials to the team and missions 7, 8 and 9 all require them to be handed out to the public at an SP show (which currently none are scheduled for KL), a shopping mall, and at a local gig.

We will inform you when we receive the materials and if you are interested in meeting up with the rest of the team to execute this task, please contact us in enabling us to plan in advance.

DEADLINE : 2 days after SP show


Queries and questions may be sent to Shan, the street team on MySpace, via e-mail at rmstreetmalaysia@gmail.com or as comments posted here in the community.
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