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rolemodelstmsia's Journal

Official Malaysian Role Model Street Team
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Official Malaysian Role Model Clothing Street Team
This is a community for members of the Official Malaysian Role Model Clothing Street Team.

The Malaysian Role Model Street Team leader is Shan, and Sandy from RMC oversees all street teams worldwide.
Role Model Clothing is an apparel company run by Simple Plan singer and drummer, Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau alongside longtime friend Patrick Langlois. The company was started in 2001 before the band was signed to a record deal in an effort to create clothes that represented their vision and east coast lifestyle. Born from a love of fashion and music, Role Model Clothing represents quality, friendship and life.

With Simple Plan finding international success, the company remains a very hands on project and it has grown organically through the years, from simple T’s and hoodies to a full range of clothing including jeans, button up shirts, bags and accessories, now in production. The hardships of touring the world have given the creators of Role Model an amazing hindsight on the creation of their clothes: every piece is comfortable, durable and practical. No piece of clothing is sold before it has been tried, tested and given the stamp of approval of everyday durability and quality, no compromises made.

This is the official ROLE MODEL CLOTHING MALAYSIA STREET TEAM. Our mission is to spread the word about Role Model Clothing to everyone and anyone. With hard work, passion and a little help from everyone out there, the hope is that Malaysians will soon get to witness the opening of a RM franchise store in the country!
If you are already a street team member, please join the community! We'd love to hear from you, and have you assist with all missions from the international ST leader, Sandy.
Interested in being a part of the Malaysian street team? All you have to do is add the ST on MySpace to receive updates and latest in team missions for you to participate in! Throw in some dedication, a little motivation and a passion to promote the cause and you're good to go!

If you have any questions, queries, etc please contact the street team (link/s above) or e-mail rmstmalaysia@gmail.com.